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  • If you are renovating an existing space and don't have blueprints or don't know what to measure to send it to us.  Then, don't worry, we offer FREE ON-SITE consultations.

  • If you have a blueprint or layout of your project, you can either visit us or request an appointment to review your project.  At this point we will inform and recommend you the type of materials that are trending and available for your project.

  • If you already know the surface material and color to be used, you can always send us an E-MAIL or FAX with your layout and the material information and we can send back an approximate estimate


  • Having decided on what surface is more suitable for your project we can start checking out slabs.  This selection could be done either at our facility or depending on the surface and/or brand we may have to see the slabs at one of our local "PREFERRED VENDORS" usually within 5-10 mins distance of our location.


  • Once we have finalized the slab selection we can proceed to go out and template your cabinets/pieces (wall and bottom boxes should be fully installed and secure on its final position, including floor to ceiling panels, corbels, etc.)  Appliances and all hardware like sinks, faucet, hot water dispenser, cook tops or anything that will get attached to the countertop should be on site to ensure accurate cuts and minimal gaps in between locations.


  • This is the fun part of the project were you and us will place the templates on your selected slab and you will be able to determine what part of the slab you like the most for all the pieces in your project



  • It usually takes an average of 3-5 business days to go back to install your new countertop after you have approved the project start.  Although we try to minimize the turn-around time this timeline may change depending on the complexity and details of your project and the schedule at the time you place your order.

  • INSTALLATION TIME: usually takes 2-4 hours within the same day.  In some cases the same day, we may have to template for the second part of the project such as: full height backsplashes, shower walls/panels and some mitered projects.

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